Beyond the commonplace

Embrace the unknown and welcome new experiences and adventures

Follow the beat of the shamanic drum, the humming of a mantra, the cry of the eagle.
Join us on a journey beyond “nature” and “culture”, looking for the roots of what it means to be human.

Welcome to life in its multiplicity

Travelling for us means engaging with our fears, judgements and expectations. To travel is to evolve. To travel is to love what is around us, distilling the sacred essence of every breath, of every sight.
We lead expeditions, retreats and seminars off the beaten track to diverse corners of the Earth, offering opportunities to immerse into new ways of experiencing life.
Here, you will find our itineraries, as well as some of our photography and writing.
Life is multi-dimensional, there is no one way of living it, there are many. We hope to share some of the beauty of this planet and the people who inhabit it.

Current Expeditions

Imaginal Japan
This new itinerary will combine a seminar focusing on imaginal practices - shamanic and Japanese yoga, shinrin yoku, ikigai - with the possibility of following a complete path of ascetic Shugendo training with a real Yamabushi master.
Mongolia is a place of great magic, history, wilderness, soul and beauty. At the crossroads of Asia, it boasts a heritage of ancient spiritual and cultural traditions that are deeply felt by the entire population. Here, amid deserts, steppes and sacred mountains, the animist power of nomadic shamanism meets the depth of Buddhist thought and civilisation.

History Captured

We are explorers… seeking the mysteries and wonders of our planet 

Nothing pleases us more than to share our knowledge of the untamed wonders hidden amongst us

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The discovery of being able to experience the sense of brotherhood and communion, with seemingly unknown but evidently rediscovered people. A magical bridge between, East and West. A beginning for a step toward a "planetary ecumenism." Let me EXAGERATE😆😆 THANK YOU! 🙏🏽💞


Michelangelo and Dasha are wonderful, kind, and radiant souls. Thank you to them for opening me up to a whole new world. I now practice the Japanese philosophy of acceptance- uketamo, daily and witness beautiful changes taking place in my life. Through the meditations that I practiced with Dasha, I have learned to let go and focus on the present moment without fear or judgment.

This experienced has caused a shift within me. I feel stronger, more determined, and aware of each present moment that life gifts to me. Immensely grateful to Michelangelo and Dasha for guiding me and supporting me during this unforgettable voyage.

We will be adding more locations to our tours in the coming months

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